white women looking for black guys

White Women Seeking Black Men

Blue eyes, green eyes, red hair, blonde hair, auburn hair, small nose, freckles... I get a pleasent tingling feeling inside just typing these words. I always had a thing for white girls but, for some reason, I rarely got to meet a single one. Sure, black women seemed to just be everywhere, and they were lining up to date me, but, for some weird reason, I never found them as attractive.
One day, I decided to give online dating a shot, so I tried chatting up white women on sites like Okcupid or POF, without much luck. I found that the main reason was that I was competing with way too many guys for the same few women who, sadly, were mostly interested in dating men who are as white as they are.
I did go on a few dates, but I could only get like one per month, and they were cougars and BBW, which were ver nice, but I wanted more.
About 2 years later, I started searching for another dating site to pick me up some nice white girls. Most had no traffic or were scam but, after all this effort, I found a site that, for some weird reason, actually had more women than men, and most women were there specifically to date black men, since they ran ads to attract that exact type or woman, or something like that.
I've been living in heaven ever since - I date at least 2 attractive white women every week, and they're usually very fun to hang out with.
I did all the hard work. All you have to do is to
to date all the blondes and redheads your heart desires. Don't forget to buy me a beer if you ever meet me. ;)

And, LOL, if that's too difficult for you to do, here you go: I googled this phone sex numbers site for you. At least that's something you can do. ;)